All You Need To Know About Competitive Gaming And E-Sports

All You Need To Know About Competitive Gaming And E-Sports

Competitive gaming and E-sports are categories that cover a vast array of games and a rapidly growing industry which is slowly but surely becoming one of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet overall. One of the main reasons for the rise in success of these area is the growth of gaming you tubers as well as their fan-base overall.


In order to fully comprehend and understand the growth of e-sports and competitive gaming it is important to understand the origins of gaming and why it has become so popular to this day. Gaming originated properly from the 70s onwards. Beginning first with arcade machines before eventually from this to games consoles and also computer games which could be played on pc.

Video games since their inception to the present day have been incredibly popular and if anything they have grown with popularity greatly over the past years. This is partly due to wider access to games thanks to cheaper platforms , newer technology , more social media and also the ability to watch gaming videos and live streams online through video streaming platforms such as YouTube or twitch.

Gaming is something that has traditionally been done as a pastime or played casually. However the rise of e-sports and competitive gaming generally is leading to this changing significantly overall. This is partly due to largely increasing numbers of gamer’s and the demand for more professional tournaments to entertain people as well as encourage competitions to take place overall.

Competitive Gaming

Competitive gaming is a sort of subculture of gaming that has emerged over the years as more and more games have begun to be produced. One of the most popular games which incorporates competitive gaming is call of duty. Call of duty is a games franchise spanning several decades and covers a variety of conflicts both fictional and historical. It ranges from ww2 to future warfare.

This game has become renowned for attracting a competitive community which has led to the call of duty developers implementing features such as league play as well as tournament play for some of their games. This has helped to facilitate and build up a competitive online community for call of duty overall.


As well as competitive gaming there is also E-sports. E sports is different to competitive gaming as gamers that are participating in E-sports are typically pursuing it as career and as a result will have sponsors as well as a team or organisation that they represent in the E-sports world.

A top tier team that is well known in the E-sports world is the Faze clan. This clan typically specialises in tournaments on call of duty or alternatively montages of their kills on the game they were playing.

E sports are played worldwide from people from many different backgrounds as well as countries around the world. A key point to note about competitions in E sports is the prize money can run into millions and at the top tiers it becomes highly competitive overall.