The Benefits of PPC in Edinburgh

The Benefits of PPC in Edinburgh

Our mobile phones are in our pockets and by our sides more than ever before. That is why there is huge value in online advertising. Online targeting is extremely clever as businesses can find users that are likely to be interested in their products and services. They can also eliminate anyone who may not be suitable.

This style of advertising can be hugely beneficial as businesses can track whether those people clicked your ads. Not only this, online advertising not only works for smartphones, it also targets those using desktops, laptops and tablets. PPC Edinburgh Agency Smarter Digital Marketing says that ” There is a huge amount of effort which goes into online advertising. At the early stages of PPC campaign management, we will conduct in-depth keyword research, taking into account important factors such as; relevancy, search volumes, CPC (cost per click) and competition”. 


Benefits of Google AdWords

By using a tool such as AdWords, you will be offered several benefits, here are the key ones:

PPC Edinburgh Target your ads

We touched on this previously, however, targeting is extremely important as it gives your business the ability to reach people that could be potential customers. By targeting those who are interested similar products and services, you can show them relevant ads. Google AdWords is an extremely intelligent tool as it offers different ways of targeting.

Keywords: Google search works by matching keywords to content, it works the same with ads. Make sure you are including words or phrases relevant to your products and services inside of your ads.

Ad location: Where do you want your ads to show up? Google search results pages? Or other Google Search and Display Networks.

Age, location and language: Demographics help to shape an advertising campaign. When you are setting up a campaign make sure you choose the age, geographic location and language of your customers.

Days, times and frequency: You can choose the certain hours or days of the week and determine how often your ads appear.

Devices: Mobile only? No problem you can choose which devices you want your ads to appear.



With AdWords, you control how much you can spend and there’s no minimum. Google will allow you to choose how much you spend per month, per day and per ad. You can manage your account on the go, bidding for keywords which are relevant to your business.

Measure your success

With reporting from a digital agency in Edinburgh, you will freshen up your online campaigns.  Make sure you are setting goals and measuring your success with AdWords. The good thing about using a tool like AdWords is that you can see if someone has clicked your ad and the search term they have used to find you. If they have found you and their search has been irrelevant, you can add the phrase or keyword to the negative keyword section.

Valuable Data

Traditional marketing is often hard to track and if you have different campaigns running at the same time, it can be difficult to differentiate. The most valuable thing about using AdWords is the huge amount of valuable data which is on offers to you.

Google also offer analytical tools which you can use to learn about your customer’s shopping habits – for instance, for how long they tend to research your product before they buy. For this it’s best to hire a digital agency in Edinburgh.