Gaining Your Google IQ Qualification

Gaining Your Google IQ Qualification

In today’d digital world, it is incredibly important to stay ahead of the curve. This means that even if you aren’t a marketer, it should be important to understand the analytics of your website. Google Analytics is an amazing free tool from the Google masters, which allows you to see how customers are interacting with your website. In order to become proficient and fully understand what the whole programme is about, you should consider taking the Google Analytics IQ exam. It is all completely free so lets dive right in.

Google Analytics IQ

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is an exam which was created to test your knowledge and proficiency in using the tool Google Analytics. Passing the exam will ensure that you earn a special certificate with your new qualification. It should be noted that simply diving in may not be best practice. Google recommend that you study their pre-exam modules; Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics. It should be fairly obvious which comes first, if that isn’t clear we would probably recommend you return to school rather than your laptop.

The Exam

The exam takes place over a 90 minute countdown and involves answering 70 questions that come in a mixture of true/false and multiple choice. That means you have a total of an hour and a half to complete the test and during this time you will be unable to pause the timer or restart. The overall pass mark for the test is quite high at 80%. This doesn’t mean that all is lost if you fail your initial attempt. Any users who fail the exam are able to resit the test after 7 days. It is probably wise to refer back to the study guide if you find you fall short of the pass mark.



Although the test is technically ‘open book’, meaning that you can have tabs open with browsers, articles and cheat sheets, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t spend sufficient time preparing. The test is no easy task and it covers a great deal of topics and areas of Analytics. It is recommended that you begin by going to Google’s Analytics Academy and here you can watch various videos to get you started. The videos are quite fast paced so it would be advised that you take notes if you hope to absorb anything. There will be various practice tests you can access to give yourself an idea of the questions you are likely to come up against. These are likely to not go swimmingly the first time so you will likely have to go back and revise on areas that were a bit, lets say, hairy. There are numerous self help blogs available on the internet, from those who have passed with flying colours and wish to impart their knowledge on the rest of us mere models.

Bossing It

In order to pass successfully, you should ensure that you have properly studied and taken notes. It is also hugely beneficial to have helpful articles already open on another browser, just so you don’t spend time looking for the right information you need. Ctrl+F5 will be your best friend on this test, use it to your advantage to find the right information as quickly as possible.