Quality Packaging supplies in London

Quality Packaging supplies in London

The Londonist has recently announced that the city has had the biggest population it’s ever had.In 2015 London had  8.6 million people living in it and it is thought to reach 10 million people by 2030.Name something in London that you cannot get 24 hours a day? Londoners have it good, or so the studies say. Recent studies have agreed that  London’s population growth rate is twice that of UK, making it one of the most desirable locations for those who are moving to the UK from other countries. The capital really does have it all, it is a major employment centre and international hub packed with diversity.

Moving To London

Are you making the move to London? There are many reasons why you should, you will need to do a huge amount of preparation before you set off. You will need to prepare packing boxes in London, find a moving company, a flat and a storage space for all of your goods. All of these things should be fairly easy to find online and whether you are moving from Scotland, Wales or Nothern Ireland, you will need moving boxes in London for your big move.


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Package Suppliers

Big Brown Box is just one packaging supplier in the UK. They have a variation of packing boxes for their customers to choose from including tv packing boxes, mirror packing boxes, archive boxes, light and heavy duty packing boxes. This online store is a one stop shop for London boxes and you can even pick up a moving kit to help you get started with the move.  Big Brown Box offers a tracking service as they are completely transparent with their customers and keep you involved every step of the way. You can order your boxes in London and when your order is dispatched, they will send you an email confirming your consignment number.

Do not be tempted to buy cheap, flimsy boxes that will not last. If you have been offered second-hand boxes, you should decline, do not risk the safety of your goods for a bargain. You can now buy cardboard boxes that can be sent to you in less than 24 hours. Most suppliers understand that their customers from London work fast and they can send boxes by the next working day. All the customers need to do is simply order before 3 pm for this service.


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London Boxes Tip

Make sure you take plenty of time to pack your boxes in London. If you are moving from the other side of the country then it is likely that you will need filler materials and a strong packing tape.  If you overfill your packing boxes, they will burst. Make sure you buy enough moving boxes, packing with enough time spared in case you need to buy more cardboard boxes. It is best to sort and label your boxes as you go.  It is suggested that the box remains “square” when you are packing it, it should not bulge at the top or sides.