Tooth Implants Manchester | Facts About Implant Dentistry

Tooth Implants Manchester | Facts About Implant Dentistry

Dental implants have developed a lot over the years, it’s hard to believe how far procedures like this have come over the last 50 years due to the rise in technology and understanding of the human anatomy. This article will tell you some things you may want to know before getting tooth implants in Manchester.


High Success Rate

The success of tooth implants in Manchester is highly dependent on the dental health of the patient. A large number of implant treatments are a success the first time around and can benefit the patient for years to come.

Look and Feel Natural

Dental implants may be fake, but they look and feel largely similar to real teeth. They can be customised to fit your teeth perfectly, right down to the shape and colour. This gives a natural looking finish, so much so that people won’t be able to tell the difference and you might not be able to either.


May Make Eating Easier

If you are missing multiple teeth, then dental implants could make it easier to chew food. Unlike dentures as a form of tooth restoration, dental implants allow you to eat normally without having to worry about them coming out of place. You also don’t need to be careful when you’re chewing with dental implants, as they are unlikely to sustain damage to them due to this. Dental implants also give you the ability to bite food with nearly the same force as someone who has all of their natural teeth.

Dental Implants Can Save Healthy Teeth

There are many other tooth restoration treatments out there. One of the most common ones being dental bridges. When these get placed, it often requires part of the healthy teeth next to the bridge to be cut to ensure that the bridge stays on properly. With dental implants, however, all the surrounding teeth are left alone. The crown or bridge can now be placed on the dental implant itself.


Tooth Removal is Worse Than Dental Implants

Many people think that implant dentistry will be a more painful procedure with a longer recovery time compared to getting a tooth taken out. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Dentists say that more trauma is caused by extracting a tooth than by implanting one. This has to do with the amount of trauma caused to the jawbone during the procedures. When a tooth gets pulled, it is wiggled from side to side in order to remove it efficiently, this causes a great deal of strain on the jawbone and can take a lot longer to recover from. With a dental implant, it is a very precise procedure that doesn’t causes less trauma.

Can Be a Minor Procedure

50 years ago, getting dental implants in Manchester would have been a long and extensive process. It was also performed by surgeons, rather than dentists, who had very little experience as the treatment was so new, during this time, the dental implant also had a poor success rate.

Nowadays the operation is a lot shorter and the dentists who perform them have much more experience and knowledge of the procedure. There is a higher success rate and a far shorter healing time.