Understanding VHS to DVD

Understanding VHS to DVD

If you have a number of VHS tapes or older media around your home , you may well wish to consider converting VHS to DVD in order to keep your VHS tapes on a newer more sustainable media format. There are a variety of arguments for both sides on whether or not you should keep your media in its original form so lets have a closer look at what VHS to DVD really means.


Why Do We Convert Old Media?

In order to gain a better understanding of the process of VHS to DVD conversion , it is important we understand why we convert old media. Converting old media is something that is becoming increasingly popular for a range of different reasons. One of the main reasons why many of us are choosing to convert old media is thanks to the wide availability of new media such as DVD’s.

There are a lot of remarkable features about DVD’s which make them the ideal form of media storage in many different cases. One of the main reasons why DVD’s are very popular is their cost. Blank DVD’s are affordable to buy and can be used to store a large amount of video or old media footage.

Some of the main benefits which are offered by the DVD are:

  • Less space taken up by DVD compared with VHS
  • DVD’s are easily repaired and are durable
  • DVD’s are thought to have a shelf life of up to 100 years if properly looked after
  • Storage solutions can be sourced easily
  • Can be bought for affordable prices
  • Can be used across a variety of platforms

Why Convert Old VHS Tapes?

Another important part of this article is answering the question of why people are choosing to convert old VHS tapes. One of the main factors behind people choosing to make the switch from VHS to DVD is lack of technical support.

As time has moved on VHS tapes have become more and more rare which means that they are harder to repair and maintain due to the lack of support services available for them across the UK. Therefore in most cases DVD is the more appealing media format. This is because it is far more widely available and is also easy to access.

A further reason why you may wish to consider the VHS to DVD process is the speed and ease through which this can be completed. There are a number of specialist companies available online who can complete this process for you. This means that you can receive your media in DVD format within a matter of days alongside the original copies of your media. This ultimately means that you have backups of your new media so that you can preserve it well into the future.

Should You Consider Converting Your Media?

Overall you should consider the VHS to DVD conversion process. The reason why you may wish to consider this is that it is fast and easy to arrange. In addition to this , you can preserve your media well into the future safer in the knowledge that it is stored on a more viable and durable form of media.