What You Should Know About Upholsterers in Edinburgh

What You Should Know About Upholsterers in Edinburgh

 There are many different reasons why people may seek out an upholsterer. The service of upholstery can bring many benefits to your existing furniture, and it is important to find the right upholsterers in Edinburgh for you. In this article, it will discuss what upholstery is, reasons why you may need it and the benefits of the service.

What Is Upholstery And What Is The Cost?

Upholstery is the service concerned with fixing or replacing materials such as fabric and padding to make new coverings for furniture pieces such as chairs and sofas. For example, this would be the padding area of a seat made of wood. Upholstery is a popular service for many and can be used for various different reasons. In terms of cost, depending on the piece of furniture that is being upholstered, it can be an expensive service and people may wish to buy brand new instead, however it is important to note that if you have an antique chair or sofa that has great value, upholstery is the way to go.

Why You Would Choose Upholstery

Here are some reasons why you may choose this service:

  • Changing the style of a piece of furniture to suit your home
  • Redesigning or restoring a sofa that is well structured and does not need to be fully replaced
  • An antique or sentimental piece of furniture that needs refreshed/renewed
  • Being more environmentally friendly than buying
  • Durability of old furniture and value for money if the piece is still in strong condition

What Are The Benefits?


Comfort is key when it comes to your home furniture and not every piece will guarantee you this luxury. When you choose to upholster a piece of furniture, you have the choice of fabric used that can guarantee you maximum comfort. This means, you can keep pieces of antique and sentimental furniture whilst prioritising you and your family’s comfort.


Upholsterers in Edinburgh are known for transforming items with their high-quality, durable fabrics and materials. With certain materials they tend to endure weariness better than others and this means it is going to be easier to clean up and maintain for long periods of time. If you have pets, fabric upholsteries, unlike leather, are less likely to endure scratches or marks.

Colours Of Your Choice

You may love an item’s structure, shape and size but begin to dislike the colour or pattern over time. Which is why choosing this service allows you to choose from a wide range of colours and patterns to suit your style and your home’s aesthetic. Whether you wish to opt for a bright and bold pattern or a neutral colour for a minimalistic style, there is something for everyone with upholstery.


Depending on the piece of furniture and the fabric chosen, you can improve the durability of the item, ensuring that you are getting the most out of your furniture as well as value for money in the long run.


Choosing upholsterers in Edinburgh is a great service to opt for if you are looking to renew or change a piece of furniture in your home. There are many benefits that come with this service and can massively improve an item lifespan, visual appearance, style and cost. There are many great companies around Edinburgh that can provide this service and transform your interior ideas into reality.