Choosing A Venue For A Staff Meal

Choosing A Venue For A Staff Meal

Choosing a restaurant venue for your staff is an important decision that should be made after a bit of planning and research. In order to find the best venue it is important to take into account factors such as budget as well as peoples different tastes in food. The Dhabba and the Dahkin are North Indian and South Indian restaurants respectively and in this article we will discuss the benefits they brought our annual staff meal!

Surroundings And Setting

Something that many people often overlook without thinking about when they go out for a meal is the overall surroundings and setting around them. A restaurants setting and overall surroundings can make a significant difference to the overall enjoyment of the meal as well as contributing to the ambience.

One of the factors that struck us about the Dhabba and the Dahkin restaurants was the amazing surroundings that they are located in. Both these restaurants are located in the iconic merchant city quarter in Glasgow.

This area is full of a mix of modern as well as old architecture that spans back several generations. This helps to add to the overall atmosphere of the restaurant and makes for a great backdrop overall. Overall the surroundings and settings of a restaurant can help to add the dining experience.

Value For Money

Something all of us look for whether at the shops or out for a meal is value for money. Whilst meals generally cost a little more than you would normally spend shopping you are also having the meals prepared and served for you which adds to the overall value.

One of the great things we noted about both the Dhabba and the Dahkin was that they catered for a variety of budgets. This meant that some of our group ordered from the main menu and others from value menus such as the pre-theatre menu.

This meant that more people could stay within their budget and also have an evening meal for great value overall. Often cost can be important factor when eating out. Therefore it is important restaurants take this into account.

Food Quality And Service

Arguably two of the most important factors that can ever be associated with restaurants overall is food quality and service. Ultimately if you are going to a restaurant you are looking for good quality food as well as good service.

What was notable about the restaurants that we visited was the sheer variety of high quality food available as well as the excellent presentation and overall taste. This is partly because many Indian restaurants in Glasgow cook their food using traditional methods and ancient recipes.

In terms of service the service that we received was simply second to none. Waiters were on hand to ensure that our group had everything we need and that we were well catered for. Overall to conclude the meals that we had at both North and South Indian restaurants were excellent and fully met our expectations. Overall we would highly recommend these restaurants.