Tips For Preparing Your Child For Nursery

Tips For Preparing Your Child For Nursery

Whether your child is nervous or excited, you can help them prepare for the transition to nursery. Follow these tips to make sure they start school on the right foot.

Nursery is a time to build literacy and math skills, and whether your child is attending a public or private nursery in Glasgow, it can be daunting for both the parent and child. Here are some tips for preparation:


Nursery is an important time for kids to learn and build their social, emotional, problem-solving and study skills. Developing these skills will help your child feel confident and ready for school.

Your child needs to understand what’s expected of them and how they can work with other children. Explain that nursery is a chance to try new things and that it’s OK to ask for help.

It’s also a time for your child to practice self-care skills like taking off and putting on their own clothing. This will make the transition to school easier for everyone!

Getting Your Child Ready For School

Nursery is a big change for kids, and it’s important to prepare your child before school starts. It may seem like a lot to think about, but the AAP advises that parents consider their children’s social and emotional development before deciding whether or not they are ready for nursery.

Getting your child used to routines at home is a great place to start. For example, if your child is not yet capable of zipping up or hanging their coat and shoes on their own, get them to practice before school starts!

Easy Transition

Nursery is a big step for your child. But if your child is prepared, the transition will be easier on everyone.

Every child is different, and he may come to nursery already knowing many of the skills he will need for school. But if your child is not, you can practice the skills that nursery requires over the summer and help him reach these goals before school starts.

For example, teach your child how to hold a pencil or form letters. This will help him be more confident when he’s in class.

Shop For Supplies

When shopping for supplies, get your child involved. It’s a great way to build their confidence and get them excited. Start with the supply list your child gets from their nursery. Make sure they know what’s on the list and why it’s important.

Some teachers also organise supply drives through their parent groups and families contribute a small amount. This saves time for teachers and ensures that students have the right supplies to learn. This method can be particularly helpful for families that struggle financially to provide supplies for their children, or for families who have students who frequently break or damage school supplies.