Overhead Cranes: A Brief Guide

Overhead Cranes: A Brief Guide

Overhead cranes are commonly found in industrial environments and consist of two large metal railings parallel to one another, connected to a large horizontal beam to hold them stably. Cranes are often used to lift and move heavy objects from one place to another, as well as install heavy items and machinery. Before you hire/use a crane, you want to ensure you know exactly what they can be used for, the types of cranes to choose from and their benefits.

This article will consist of a brief guide on overhead cranes UK:

What Can Overhead Cranes Be Used For?

The reason you often find cranes in industrial projects and warehouses, is because this is where large and heavier items of machinery and assemblies are often found.

In warehouses, cranes are often used to move and position supplies and equipment from one place to another. Using a crane to move items and storage is time-efficient and requires less human labour efforts. They are also used for the assembly of equipment and moving large parts safely. Forklifts aren’t seen as safe for some substantial pieces of machinery; therefore, overhead cranes are the best option.

Overhead cranes are also used for the transportation of large products or products packed in bulk which must be moved onto planes, trains and large trucks or lorries. They can be placed safely, in a timely manner with minimal risk of damage.

Types Of Overhead Cranes

Before hiring an overhead crane, you should be aware of which type you require. Choosing the type of crane will depend on the size of your space and proximity, the size and weight of items being lifted, how mobile the crane needs to be, and your budget. Here are some of the main types of overhead cranes to choose from:

  • Single Girder Crane
  • Double Girder Crane
  • Gantry Crane
  • Jib Cranes
  • Box Girder Cranes

The Benefits Of Using Overhead Cranes

There are many reasons why cranes are incredibly popular pieces of equipment. They come with many benefits and are very versatile in their uses and capabilities. Whether you want to move household items, or bulky machines, there is a crane for you. Here ares some benefits:

Increased Safety

These types of cranes come with great safety when moving goods as they move them efficiently through the space of the location, whereas forklifts must be stacked properly, and if they’re not, it runs the risk of crashes and items falling.

Position Accuracy

Cranes have great accuracy and precision when it comes to positioning items exactly where they are desired to be. This eliminates room for error and avoids moving the items multiple times.

Free Of Floor Obstruction

Due to this equipment being positioned higher in the air and even placed on the ceiling in some circumstances, this means your floor can be free of mess and obstruction. This makes for a clean and clear workplace with little to no chaos.

Final Words

Overhead cranes offer companies and industrial project locations many benefits and opportunities to work as efficiently as possible. You can use these types of cranes to move a wide range of products with as much safety and accuracy as possible. You can research online today for crane hire companies and find the best piece of equipment for your project.